Everything !

This object, which seems a little complex at first, can be effective in many situations of everyday life, that’s why I am convinced that everyone can have a 3D printer at home. Some sites, such as thingiverse, are platforms on which everyone can share their designs as printables files. No need to be introduced to design, just be careful to respect the conditions under which the person posted his file, that is to say the licenses (most of the time the file should not be used for commercial purposes but we will come back to the licenses in a future article). Once you have found the file that meets your needs, just put it on your printer’s SD card, and print it according to your manufacturer’s advice.

Utility # 1: a specific object

Sometimes we need very specific objects that are difficult to trade, or not as they would be most convenient for us. Say you that if you need it, someone else may have needed it before you and are looking for. For example it’s summer and you are looking to make an effective fly trap, no need to do all the shelves of your supermarket to find an overpriced trap, you will easily find a trap to the good opening. So, you can equip your home as you want: storage, dishes, etc …

Utility # 2: a broken object

It happens to everyone to break a piece of an object that is used every day, if it happens to you, there is a chance that it happened to someone before you, so I advise you to look if you can not print an already designed  replacement part. For example, the handle of your refrigerator broke, know that you can easily find a replacement to print. This is also valid if you have lost a piece of a game for example.

Utility 3: envy / gift idea

Then everything is possible: create jewelry, print toys and board games, decorative objects, cookie cutters, puzzles, etc … An ideal solution to please or have fun with a small budget. And if you master a little a design tool, you can customize all these objects.

The everyday uses of a 3D printer are numerous and can quickly save time and money. Of course, it’s a budget initially, but there are always solutions: collective purchase, opportunity, etc … After you can not do without it.

I can only advise you to learn, little by little, to make yourself the design of your impressions. It is extremely rewarding and it will certainly meet a maximum of your needs. Personally, I discover by the use tinkercad, that I recommend you because it is thought of pedagogical way.

Now you have to find your own use of this tool! Feel free to share them in comments.

See you soon on Osmoz 3D!