As a fan of new technologies and 3D printing, know that this tool can also have a very important role in school learning, whatever the level of students.

Why ?

The use of 3D printing makes it possible to equip the classroom with instruments and storage at a lower cost and by involving students. This organizational aspect that is usually not of interest becomes more attractive to students with this process and also allows for inclusion of hidden learning.

It will also be an opportunity to create objects for specific learning such as cubes to learn how to make collections, geographical puzzles, etc … But the sessions can also be focused on the design and manufacture of objects to understand the concept of size and volume to students with dematerialized objects (design software) and concrete (after printing).

It is also a machine that will allow greater equality of opportunity because tools can be created to overcome the differences of some (braille alphabet, number table, …). In addition, the ability to manipulate objects during complex learning (anatomy for example) will provide a new perceptual input that will allow better retention of information in the long term.

How ?

Obviously, the investment in a 3D printer is not negligible, the ideal is to consider a common purchase for a school with a budget of profitability calculated in advance. We must consider the possibility of equipping the school with geometry instruments, storage, calculating instrument, etc … and calculate the cost price of this method of manufacture in comparison with usual purchases.

It is also necessary for the teaching team to think about the various uses in the classroom to allow planning over the year. The idea is to be certain that the machine will be used during the year for specific needs more interesting with this system.  Then, if the machine needs to be moved, it will be important to know where it will go as needed.

Finally, if you want to install this kind of machine in a classroom, it is ideal to have a quality machine. Indeed, it will be interesting to take care of the maintenance or the repair of the machine with the class, however if it does not work the majority of the time and asks a maintenance too important, you will lose the interest of his presence in class.


Using 3D printing with children is a very important asset that should not be neglected. We must not forget that these technical and technological innovations will be the future professional environment in which these children will evolve, it is good that they have a foot in today to not be lost during their exit from school.

If you have a 3D printer at home and are parents, do not hesitate to share this manufacturing process with your children, you will help them to understand certain concepts and to develop certain neural connections associated with the understanding of the three dimensions..

Feel free to read this article which details the uses of 3D printing in learning. See you soon !