Osmoz 3D is born !

During my years in general engineering school I had to work on several projects (school ones and other ones). They all had one thing in common: to help someone materialising a great idea. A real osmosis was taking place and that’s how my professional objective sprang up: to create a general engineering company to help future professionals or small structures that do not have enough to afford a laboratory of R & D to launch! And it would be called “Osmoz Engineering”.

osmosis, noun, (greek ôsmos, pulse) :

Gradual or unconscious assimilation or adoption, as of ideas.


A few years have passed and I started to develop a workshop in which I naturally installed a small farm of 3D printers (Ultimakers 2+ at the time!). I printed about 2000h on each machine (vanilla setup) before having my first problems.

A little DIY and reflection (maybe the other way around) then everything came back in order (Bondtech, Tinkergnome, some precise settings, Simplify3D, etc …). Everything but one point which became annoying: the consumption and reliability of the nozzles. The official ones are expensive and clogged very quickly, so I bought 50 Chinese nozzles at very low prices. They are 10 times cheaper, clogged 10 times faster and in addition the 0.4mm diameter is an approximation on those parts.

So I found myself with a considerable delay on my production (and a lot less hair) for a subject that seemed so stupid. But how can you reliably print loads of precise parts without a good nozzle? After some tests I came across 3D Solex stuff and I am still using that. Due to the taxes and the shipping price I also ordered an heating block and some elements of wear. I added 2000h of printing and it is still impeccable. I achieved the perfect combo: UM2 +,  3D Solex and Colorfabb economy PLA. Now I have a real farm with a real print success rate of 97.3% (and the 2.7% is mainly because I do not wait while taking off my piece) and a minimal maintenance time.

The big problem of 3D Solex is that it is outside the EU and you have to pay customs, custom clearance fees and shipping costs. That was a shame because all the 3D printers I sold made very happy customers especially when it comes to the nozzle. And all the 3D printing enthusiasts who saw them were excited about the performances. So I decided to become a re-seller.

Now I can distribute this quality 3d printer part in EU and France. A project that funds the Osmoz Engineering workshop and which is extremely instructive!

The foundation stone of a general engineering workshop to help ideas come to life is laid.

And this blog is here to show that Osmoz 3D is alive, full of projects and convinced by 3D Solex products.

I hope you will enjoy it! In the meantime, thank you for your reading and see you soon.