The licenses are set up by Creative Commons to make easy respond to copyright laws. They concern works available in the form of computer files. These licenses exist under three “forms” that allow the understanding from a legal point of view, from a user point of view and from a web point of view (they are under a language readable by the different technologies on which one can access a work subject to Creative Commons licenses).

There are 6 main licenses that restrict the use that can be made of the work of others. Here they are exposed from the least restrictive to the most restrictive.

The “attribution” license – CC BY: this license leaves the possibility to do everything (reuse, mixing, sale, etc …) with the work, on the sole condition that the original author is always quoted when there is diffusion.

The license “attribution – shareAlike – CC BY-SA: this license also allows to do everything with the work, provided firstly that the original author is cited systematically when there is broadcast and on secondly that the diffusion is done under the same legal conditions (for example under the same license), as the original work.

The license “attribution – nonCommercial” – CC BY-NC: this license leaves the possibility of modifying the work at will provided that the original author is quoted systematically during the diffusion of a part and on the other hand that the broadcast is never made for commercial purposes.

The license “attribution – nonCommercial – shareAlike” – CC BY-NC-SA: this license groups the three previous licenses that is to say that the work can be modified at will but that any diffusion must be made by quoting the original author, under the same conditions as the original work and in no case for a commercial purpose.

The license “attribution – noDerivs” – CC BY-ND: this license allows the use of a work as it was produced, including for commercial purposes, as long as no changes are made to it and that the author is systematically quoted during the broadcast.

The license “attribution – nonCommercial – noDerivs” – CC BY-NC-ND: this license is the most restrictive, it allows to use the work only in its original form and in no case for purposes commercial. Again, the author should always be quoted during the broadcast.

To find their way around, there are logos that can be associated with works to make more obvious the different licenses.

Associated with each other, these logos define the different licenses while making them understandable at a glance.

You are now informed at least on licenses and their meaning, which will allow you to use the files you find on the web according to the conditions of their creators. Feel free to share your experiences with the licenses and ask the questions you want.