It is necessary to replace the nozzle of your 3D printer when:

  • It clogs with one impression on the other and you have to clean it up systematically
  • The orifice has changed with the wear: it is no longer round and has grown, the quality of printing is very affected
  • The shape of the extruded filament is no longer straight and uniform, which prevents a clear and quality print

These points easily arrive on brass nozzles of low quality, which are not very resistant. If you want to change your nozzle less often you will probably have to go on nozzles in another material type stainless steel, which will hold better over time or high quality nozzles, such as 3D solex nozzles designed specifically to operate in the long term and make the nozzle no longer a consumable.

When there is a doubt, there is no doubt

As soon as you ask yourself a question about your nozzle, change it, you will lose time trying to improve its performance or understand where the problem lies. For a tool of such precision, do not stay in the uncertain.

Warning: some printers, such as Prusa printers, are not designed for the nozzle to be changed, so you will need to take steps to avoid tearing all the electronics (as it happened to me) by wanting to change the nozzle. For this it is necessary to keep the block in place while unscrewing the nozzle, it can be done with pliers and dexterity. Otherwise there is a tool to unscrew the nozzle easily while holding the block.

You can see on this video how to use this tool.

By changing your nozzle when the need arises, you will save time, energy and quality, without forgetting that you will surely save filament and all kinds of equipment needed for maintenance. At the moment, you may feel that it is expensive, but in the long run you will see the beneficial effects of quality material. 

Thank you for your reading and see you soon!